Just 1 Month Left Till November 1st!

Just 1 Month Left Till November 1st!

Posted in Company News on October 03, 2016

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We are proud to announce that ElderPro will be undergoing some exciting changes! We want to give everyone an opportunity to take advantage of ALL the great features that ElderPro has to offer. 


All members will now enjoy all the perks of Premium Membership for a very manageable $7.99 per month.
Starting November 1st we will no longer be offering FREE memberships. 


Let's put this in perspective.  What can $7.99 buy? 
1 Pack of Cigarettes - Yuck!
12 exits on the NJ Turnpike - Boring!
1/2 the cost of driving over the George Washington Bridge - Wow!
1/2 the cost of a Martini at the 21 Club - Can't have just one!
4 gallons of gas - Not going to get you far!
Imagine belonging to the largest elder care community in New Jersey, blasting your events directly to those you want to attend, and learning where your target referral market is meeting for one incredibly low price per month!


 Plus, all the other perks of membership:
  • Create a Profile
  • List in Member Listings Under Specialty
  • Connect with Professionals
  • Make and Receive Matches
  • Post Events to Our Calendar
  • Blast Events to all Members
  • Organize Events You're Having vs Events You're Attending
  • View & RSVP to Events 
  • Receive Event Notifications
  • View Our Job Board & Apply to Listings
  • Create Job Listings & Manage Resumes
  • Post Your Resume
  • Start a Forum in Your Area of Expertise
  • Make, Receive & Track Referrals
  • View Referral History
  • Post Articles
  • Ability to Have Articles Featured in Our Newsletter Blast.
  • Post on Status Feed
  • First Rate Assistance & Support from our team when needed
Those members who have a FREE membership and do not enter payment info will no longer have a profile on the site. Membership is on a month to month basis and you can cancel at any time. No Contracts & No Risk! We will announce details on how to upgrade once the date gets closer.
**For those of you who need approval from your company please email Kristin@elderpronetwork.com for an informational letter you can submit to your employer.**


Thank You!