Spread Positive Vibes

Spread Positive Vibes

Posted in Company News on July 29, 2016

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By: Kristin Juliano Esteves

We have been surrounded by too much negativity recently so this month’s blog is dedicated to all things positive. It’s a shame to see all the chaos happening around us with war, brutality and the political circus. We must refocus our energy into good things. We can’t allow ourselves to get sucked into the negativity. Rise above and let’s start taking action. Make good things happen for you and everyone else around you. I want to talk about some ways to start a movement of love and respect for everyone. For the longest time people have wished for peace amongst the world. Can we all unite and make a valiant effort to do as much good for others as we can?

What happened to the days where people wave to others just to be courteous or wished a complete stranger good morning? I am not saying this is completely extinct, however not practiced enough. Moving to the South impacted me in a positive way. Experiencing Southern hospitality first hand is nice and refreshing. If you go driving through neighborhoods and people are outside, many take the time and wave hello.  It not only caught me off guard but felt great. I was excited to happily wave back. On a side note, some may think we must be cautious because stranger danger exists. Yes, we all unfortunately live in a scary time where we have to be increasingly cautious but I feel this fear is taking over and ruining people’s ability to live harmoniously.

Whether it is small or large, making a conscious effort to do something good is not only rewarding, but can make a huge impact. Here are some things we can try on a regular basis at home, at work and everywhere:

  • Send a card to someone who might need cheering up.
  • Bring a friend or loved one their favorite treat, just because.
  • If you see a stranger struggling with something, help them.
  • Give that spare change to the people raising money outside that store.
  • Offer to hug someone when you think they may need it.
  • Hold the door open for others. Even if you are in a rush!
  • Volunteer! http://www.volunteermatch.org
  • Give someone a flower. Even if they are a stranger.
  • Compliment someone.
  • Put the phone down and actually try engaging with one another.
  • Smile Smile Smile! Smiling is infectious. You are sure to get a smile right back.

Many of you reading this are in the elder care/health care field. Who better to start this movement than all of you. Take all the compassion and drive that you have and spread it like wildfire. We can only hope it will catch on and everyone can start working toward a more positive future. A future that we do not have to worry about what kind of a world our kids will be growing up in. Come up with your own ways to to do good and fill this world with positivity.