Feel like a ship lost at sea? Use Meditation to get back on track!

Feel like a ship lost at sea? Use Meditation to get back on track!

Posted in Company News on August 31, 2016

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By: Kristin Juliano Esteves

Summer is coming to an end and for some school may have started or will soon be starting. This also means the holidays will be here before we know it. I hope not too many people are cringing at that fact right now because it can also mean a rollercoaster of craziness and stress for some. Instead of losing ourselves in the day-to-day lets embrace what is ahead and make the most of each day that is given to us. There is a way we can all stop and take a moment to “JUST BREATHE”. As professionals it is too easy to get overwhelmed and stressed. It is so important to be able to stop and focus our energies elsewhere to be able to become more mindful and reach a sense of clarity. An exercise to help all of you do this is by meditating.


Meditation is something EVERYONE should take the time to do even if it’s for 5 minutes. Some of the most successful businessmen and women practice(d) meditation like: Oprah,  Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Ray Dalio and Russell Simmons just to name a few. There are so many benefits that one can gain from taking a moment for themselves to sit and breathe. It sounds simple but for some may be a difficult task because our brains are usually in “GO” mode. It takes some practice but if you keep at it you will surely find it to be rewarding.


Some of the benefits that one can gain are:

  •     Relaxation
  •     Reduced Stress
  •     Clarity
  •     Inspiration
  •     Well Being
  •     Increased Productivity


If these are characteristics that you would like to possess more of then absolutely make it a point to find the time to meditate. I cannot stress enough no matter how busy you are YOU… HAVE… THE… TIME!!!!! If you have a jam packed schedule and not sure where to squeeze it in, try it: in the car, a bathroom break, first thing in the morning, before you go to bed or during your lunch. Perhaps instead of checking Facebook for the third time today put the phone away, close your eyes and take a moment for YOU!


Some of you may already practice meditating. If that is the case, keep up the great work! You are giving yourself a great gift. For those of you who have never meditated before, I will tell you how below.


If you are new to this or a beginner start off with 5 minutes and add more time the more you do it. Set a timer and sit or lay down in a quiet space with a straight back. Sitting straight gives you room to take big deep breaths, which are important. Make sure your head is straight and close your eyes.  Start breathing in and out through your nose. You want to fill your belly all the way up to your chest. Then breathe out. It is important to focus on ONLY your breathing. Feel your belly rise and fall with each deepening breath. Take a moment and try it right now… Feel Good? Soon you will achieve a nice peaceful calm, which anyone can appreciate. To make it a complete experience, try incorporating some calming music and aromatherapy. Burn your favorite candle, wax or incense so you can fully enjoy your relaxing experience. If you seem to be having a hard time doing it by yourself Google some guided meditations and that may be able to help you focus a bit more or find your nearest yoga studio and take some classes. There are also Apps on your phone that you can use to guide you through meditation.


By meditating you are doing so much good for your brain and most importantly your health. To be successful in anything you do especially the work place you must be the best person you can be. It all starts with a clear mind and a sharp focus on what you want to achieve. Meditating is a way to help you train how to focus and be productive. It is one of the greatest tools to use in order to restore balance within yourself. How can you conquer the business world and achieve the success you want if you are run down and your mind is in 5,000 places? Please take the time to love and be good to yourself. You deserve it!