Featured Member Spotlight: Goldberg Law Group

Featured Member Spotlight: Goldberg Law Group

Posted in Spotlight Blog on October 03, 2016

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Goldberg Law Group



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Why ElderPro Network?

As busy professionals, we recognize the need to network and stay in touch with other members of the industry.  When a Goldberg Law Group team member meets someone at an event we can find them again on ElderPro.  Also, when we are looking for a professional to help a client the directory is a perfect tool to locate their specialty and contact information.  ElderPro allows us to connect even when we can't attend an event. 

What is your favorite part of the Elder Care industry?

The elder care industry is comprised of professionals with a common thread - to help the senior population.  It is inspiring to meet other people who have decided to earn a living while helping others in the process.  In the Elder Care industry we have the opportunity to work with an entire multi-generational family rather than just the individual.

What can you offer industry colleagues?

The staff at Goldberg Law Group stands ready to answer questions from our industry colleagues, support them in their marketing efforts, and provide a sounding board for their ideas.  We love connecting industry colleagues with other professionals and, of course, we pride ourselves on our ability to introduce our clients to valuable industry contacts. We also count many of our colleagues as clients which is the greatest compliment.

What can industry colleagues offer you?

 We really shine when industry colleagues are willing to participate in our clients' lives.  It is rare that a family meets with us and cannot benefit from the services of our allied professionals.  Our philosophy is that when we connect clients to a trusted professional we enhance the value of our services.  We thank our industry colleagues for going above and beyond for our clients.  

What do you do for fun?

At Goldberg Law Group we make a point of eating lunch together almost every day.  Sharing family stories, favorite youtube videos, and playing games are great for burning off steam. The staff are also working on some team building exercises which should be a blast.