Be Empowered!

Be Empowered!

Posted in Company News on October 31, 2016

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Be Empowered

By: Kristin Juliano Esteves 

This month I would like to talk about how everyone is capable of reaching their own potential of greatness. It is up to each and every one of you to take yourself to the next level. In the professional realm we can be hit with all kinds of roadblocks.  Rejection, fear and lack of confidence are just some examples.  It is normal to experience these frustrations but how we move on from them is key. Luckily there are so many inspiring and empowering people out there that are helping others to be the best person they can be. This article talks about various ways of how every single one of you can strive to achieve to be the successful professional you want to be.


Lets face it NOTHING is ever easy.  There will always be hurdles to jump, especially in the work place.  Don’t ever let a problem consume you. Some may fall into a hole and stress more than necessary when presented with a problem. It’s too easy to say I can’t and give up. Please do yourself a favor and remove the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary. I believe that everyone has the ability to at least try. By taking on an issue or challenge that you may not be comfortable with will only make you stronger each and every time you do it. Challenges can be exciting and great learning experiences. Step out of your comfort zone as much as possible. Not only will you be giving yourself the opportunity to do new things, but you may also surprise yourself and see how well you can accomplish a new task. Before you know it you will be saying “Bring It & Let’s Do This!”


Never let people get you down. We know that there are miserable toxic people out there who enjoy negativity. There is no avoiding the Debbie downers or clients that can never be pleased. What is important here is to listen and be as empathetic as possible.  In a past position, I have had my fair share of people irately yelling at me from dissatisfaction of the services that had been provided to them. First, what made the difference is listening to them fully. Second, is understanding and being TRULY empathetic to how they are feeling. Once that was over more often then not there tone changed and they seemed to not see me as the enemy, but as someone who cares and wants to help them with their problem. This is always a better route than to living on the defense and coming up with excuses. There is a good chance things can be left on a positive note rather than a negative result, which can ruin the rest of your day. If by chance the result is still negative, that is ok! At least you tried.


Don’t be afraid to fail. With every failure or rejection comes a lesson. A lesson on how to approach various situations differently then before. It is a chance to learn and not repeat a mistake you have made. Never beat yourself up and dwell on what you could have done differently. Move on and come up with a better plan for next time. Let the passion for what you do drive you into the direction of where you want to be.


If you need a little nudge or guidance with bettering yourself, think about finding a mentor. Mentors are a great way to help you model your goals as well as become the successful professional you are capable of being. There are a couple of different ways that you can go about this. One way is finding a professional in your field that you admire and respect. Let them know how they inspire you and share the same passion that they have. See if it is possible if they can take you under their wing and help expand your horizon in the industry. Another way is searching for any one of the countless influencers that are out there. Perhaps you have a favorite business mogul, advocate, or inspirational speaker. Many of these people may have a huge following and it is harder to expect a one on one relationship. There are several ways to go about gaining knowledge from them. Try doing some in depth research on the person. The most popular is Googling someone. Follow them on all social media platforms. There is usually great inspiration and motivation that is posted every day by them. Read books that they have written. If it applies go to a seminar that they may be holding or speaking at. Fill yourself with enough knowledge about them that you could model yourself in a similar way. The best path to success is following the footsteps of those who already have it. If you have that great success already think about sharing it to empower others.



From here on, take those challenges.

Always believe YOU CAN!

Brush off negativity.

Really listen to others and be empathetic to their needs.

Don’t be afraid of failure.

Find positive inspiration from those who have achieved great success