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    About Us

    The elder care industry is comprised of great people doing wonderful things for our aging population. ElderPro Network is the first of is kind to be able to connect like minded individuals in the Eldercare industry together using the internet. Elderpro gives professionals an array of tools so they can network, market their business and educate the community on their knowledge. It is another way to show the industry who you are. 

    Enter ElderPro Network, connecting individuals in the elder care industry. As a member you have access to the following:

    1. A comprehensive list of every professional in the elder care industry with live buttons to send them emails, go to their websites, and refer their business' using our “REFER” button.
    2. The “REFER” button allows other professionals to refer business to you at the touch of button.   Activating the button brings the professional to a landing page where they can give you as much or as little information about the prospect as possible.  You receive an email regarding the referral and it stays on your profile page.
    3. Reports – you can track where your referrals are coming from.  Your goal is to train your referral sources to use the “REFER” button.  When they don’t use the button you can go to your profile and quickly add it to use later for tracking purposes.
    4. Advertise seminars, networking events, and special occasions.  This will stay on the website calendar and will be blasted to anyone who approves of emails.
    5. You can also see what events other professionals are attending and join that event.
    6. Forums – People will ask questions expecting professionals to answer them.  Become known as the expert in your field.
    7. Articles – Post articles on what you know and love.  This is a great way to promote yourself and educate thousands of people for free.
    8. Advertising – Spaces available. Contact for details.
    9. Network on your own time.  With minimal time investment you can consistently get your name out there.  Use the website as a way to schedule appointments for face to face meetings or merely as a way to stay top of mind.
    10. MATCH button – Do you know two professionals who should meet?  Go to one pro’s listing, hit “MATCH” and link them to another pro.  Matchmaking has never been so simple.
    11. Search Engine Optimization – Want your website to rank high on a search?  Use ElderPro network to increase your page views. Post Post Post!!!
    12. Job Listing for Employers. Post your job openings so candidates can apply through the site.
    13. Ability to post resumes for Employers.
    14. With ElderPro Network, advertising your event is simple. Create an event by adding the date, time, place and content of the event under your events drop down menu.
    15. Make use of the Status Feed on your dash. Post general comments, pictures, video and articles or blogs you would like to share. 
    16. Case Management Portal gives you the ability to update and track clients/patients that you share with other professionals. Receive updates on the case i.e. hospitalizations, med changes, falls, increase in care.